Sharper Cards

Телефон: 403-265-6771
Факс: 403-233-7744
Адрес: 2150 29th Street NE, Unit 30, Calgary, AB, Canada
Почтовый индекс: T1Y 7G4
Сити: Calgary
Ппровинция: альберта
Карта: Просмотр большой карты
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People often ask how Sharper Cards began. Twenty-nine years ago there were few options available for patient and client communications. Sharper Cards was created with one purpose in mind - to provide professionals with quality patient and client communication cards that were both friendly and effective. Our first advertisement was a one page flyer with 12 card designs! Since then we have grown to a customer base of over 40,000 worldwide.

Our success is fueled by the input of our customers. We've heard from thousands of professionals over the years whose product requests and suggestions have prompted the development of our current line of personalized products. Our marketing team is continually sourcing new products and fresh ideas to keep your communications and promotional products impactful and cost-affordable.

We offer:
◾ Exclusive product designs
◾ Quick 2-day turnaround
◾ Free personalization
◾ Knowledgeable Marketing Consultants

... all backed by our 100% Guarantee to ensure complete satisfaction.

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