Northern Native Broadcasting Yukon

Телефон: 867-668-6629
Факс: 867-668-6612
Адрес: 4230A-4th Ave, Whitehorse, YT, Canada
Почтовый индекс: Y1A 1K1
Сити: Whitehorse
Ппровинция: Территория Юкон
Карта: Просмотр большой карты
Commercial Art and Graphic Design
Entertainers and Entertainment Groups
Web Directory No.LK-498513-6454
NNBY reaffirms and maintains First Nation culture, spiritual beliefs, language, traditional values, land and animals. NNBY works for present and future generations, looking seven generations into the future. While we focus on First Nations, NNBY is for all people. NNBY protects traditional knowledge, empowers First Nations people, supports self determination of First Nations, and facilitates the development of a respectful relationship between First Nations and other people. Culture also includes stories and customs, improving quality of life, and fosters the development of positive social and economic partnerships.

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