Tower Aerospace Inc.

Телефон: 250-353-2345
Факс: 250-353-2996
Адрес: Ste. 26, 622 Front Street, Nelson, British Columbia, Canada
Почтовый индекс: V1L 4B7
Сити: Nelson
Ппровинция: британская Колумбия
Карта: Просмотр большой карты
Web Directory No.LK-108918-6195
The company from humble beginnings began operations in 1978 at St. Andrews Airport, Manitoba, Canada, due north of the capitol city of Winnipeg. The primary focus of the corporation at that time was international aircraft sales, fixed base maintenance and support services . By 1982, the company had evolved into a significant, national aircraft service and support operation at the Winnipeg International Airport. In addition, it had grown to include parts sourcing, distribution, and flight line aircraft service and support operations. In 1984, the company moved to Calgary, Alberta, and over the following six years, operations expanded to include heavy jet and business aircraft parts and component support, including major international airline support to twenty-seven countries.

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