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At Pallet Management Group we believe in the power of family and in being champions for change in the community. By being supporters of an essential community establishment such as Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto, we – with others can support a collaborative approach to address children’s illnesses and other complex needs within our communities.

Reducing poverty is another multi-layered and a complex issue that reaches deep into each community. Habitat for Humanity embraces community engagement as a way to create and promote safe and affordable home ownership options with the aim at alleviating poverty within our communities.

While helping communities within our own country, we also believe that extending our support to communities around the world is also important. Because of this belief, we partner and support Plan Canada/Plan International with a mission to provide sustainable solutions for improving the lives of those families around the world in order to break the cycle of poverty.

The Pallet Management family (staff and management) believe that by partnering these wonderful organizations, that positive change can happen; even if with just one family as a time.

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