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Raccoon removal services in Mississauga and surrounding areas. We offer humane wildlife control solutions for raccoons and squirrels. Call us for a consultation.

Effective and affordable raccoon removal in Mississauga. Call: 647-931-6183 Humane raccoon removal and proofing solutions. Our technicians offer wildlife apprehension solutions that are safe to raccoons and at the same time effective. Raccoon removal solutions include live trapping and exclusion services. We remove raccoons and make sure they won’t come back by sealing all entry points. You can rest assured that you won’t have a raccoon problem again. First, our technician will visit your house to determine the problem and its root cause. Then we will provide recommendations and options. Once you decide on the course of action we will proceed with the removal and exclusion.

We make use of one-way doors on existing holes that enable the raccoon to abandon but not enter your space. We do not damage your property and work only with the holes that the animals have been using. We supply disinfecting and cleaning services that will ensure that you do not have any possibly dangerous pathogens in the place. Using humane and safe wire traps, we trap the animal and set it free without harming the raccoons.

If there are babies involved we reunite them with their mother. Once the proofing work has been completed you can rest assured that raccoons will not enter your property again. We remove raccoons from attics, chimneys, soffits, decks, garages and sheds. Call Raccoon Removal Mississauga for a no obligation inspection today.
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