Ontario Mining Association

Веб-сайт: www.oma.on.ca
Телефон: 416-364-9301
Факс: 416-364-5986
Адрес: 5775 Yonge Street, Suite 520, North York, Ontario
Почтовый индекс: M2M 4J1
Ппровинция: Онтарио
Карта: Просмотр большой карты
Metal Mining
Pipelines, Except Natural Gas
Construction and Mining Machinery
Web Directory No.LK-2285-4721
The Ontario Mining Association (OMA) was established in 1920 to represent the mining industry of the province. It is one of the longest serving trade organizations in the country. OMA members are engaged in exploring, producing and processing mineral resources in an environmentally responsible manner.

The majority of OMA members are operating mines in Northern Ontario and produce gold, nickel, copper and a variety of other metals and minerals. Several other operations are located in Southern Ontario and are involved in the production of salt, gypsum and other industrial minerals. Member companies provide direct employment for approximately 16,500 people across the province.

The OMA handles a broad range of duties on behalf of its members. The three major functions of the OMA include, government relations, education and public communications. In this regard, the OMA: informs government of industry issues and the implications of government policy and legislation for the mining industry; notifies member companies of legislative, policy and regulatory matters affecting the mining industry; promotes the mining industry to the government and public; provides training and education services to its members and the public; and provides opportunities for members to exchange information and ideas on matters of common interest and concern.
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