SMK Insurance

Телефон: 902-429-7722
Другой телефон: 1-800-565-1607
Факс: 902-422-8495
Адрес: 33 Ochterloney Street, Suite 140, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
Почтовый индекс: B2Y 4P5
Сити: Dartmouth
Ппровинция: Nova Scotia
Карта: Просмотр большой карты
Web Directory No.LK-437549-6664
SMK Insurance BlackBelt Protection means building a policy tailored to your needs including any insurance discounts owed to you. Home, auto, business, life...Bundling your insurance needs with SMK often means one lower premium. We'll work with you to find the payment plan that works best for you. For your auto insurance, SMK offers multi-vehicle discounts, experienced driver discounts, short commute discounts, and accident forgiveness with our premium protection policy. Our discounts on Home insurance can apply to people whose home is mortgage free, is a non-smoking residence, is served by electric heat, remains claims free, has an alarm system, and is a newer home.

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