Western School District

Веб-сайт: www.wnlsd.ca
Телефон: 709-637-4000
Факс: 709-634-1828
Адрес: P.O. Box 368, 10 Wellington Street, Corner Brook, NL, Canada
Почтовый индекс: A2H 6G9
Сити: Corner Brook
Ппровинция: Ньюфаундленд
Карта: Просмотр большой карты
Manufacturing Industries, Nec
Stationery Stores
Colleges and Universities
Administration of Educational Programs
Web Directory No.LK-268846-12303
The Western School District is committed to excellence in student achievement for all students. Our District covers a vast geographical area with 65 schools and a student population of approximately 12,000. Our website is designed to provide students, parents, staff and stakeholders with valuable information on our governance and operations to assist with educational needs.

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