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Факс: 1-866-806-2355
Адрес: Unit 3- 140 Bentley St., Markham, ON, Canada
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Сити: Markham
Ппровинция: Онтарио
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Since 1995, as a leading manufacturer of commercial site furnishings, Canaan offers only the best goods at competitive prices. The products are made with the finest available materials and modern manufacturing techniques. From waste containers, trash cans, recycling bins, cigarette butt receptacles, metal benches, and wooden benches to crowd control barriers, safety barricades, sign stands, bike racks, floor caution signs and more, you’ll benefit from a broad selection of site furnishings equipment.

Our valued customers consist of, but not limit to, educational and government institutions, property management companies, banks, communities, parks, hospitals and hotels in Canada, USA.

Our mission is to get the products you need shipped to you as soon as possible. We have been so proud of our Products and our Customers for the past 15 years by providing high-quality, well-design, durable, environmental responsible and customized product

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