All About Seniors

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Адрес: 57 Hidden Creek Terrace Northwest Calgary, AB, Canada
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More than just care-giving, All About Seniors is dedicated to improving the happiness of our clients. We proudly provide compassionate companion care to Calgary seniors and elders living at home or through full care facilities. Through companionship with our staff members, our clients experience enriched and expanded lives, improving their happiness and the happiness of the families who love them.

We define companion care as quality time spent developing authentic relationships that improve the life of our clients. Our goal is to stimulate and engage seniors as much as they are able. From reminisce over a cup of tea to outings in the community to helping facilitate meaningful interaction in the facility programs, we are enthusiastic to be that friend and encourager. As our loved ones age, companions dedicated to understanding them as people first, and clients second, become more and more valuable.

For our staff and clients, companionship improves quality of life with friendship, pleasurable experiences, advocacy, and growth.

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