Uniteam Canada

Веб-сайт: www.uniteamcanada.com
Телефон: 905-361-2312
Факс: 905-361-2313
Адрес: 1025 Stacey Crt., Mississauga, Ontario
Почтовый индекс: L4W 2X7
Сити: Миссиссауга
Ппровинция: Онтарио
Карта: Просмотр большой карты
Web Directory No.LK-22985-8152
Our company located in Mississauga, Ontario, Uniteam Canada has the plant & equipments to provide manufacturing solutions for customers & serve the container industry on a worldwide basis. With years of experience, Uniteam Canada has earned its reputation as an industry leader in, manufacturer of custom designed, engineer & quality built portable steel buildings & enclosures as well as the handling & repair of ISO international containers. In addition to these core services, Uniteam Canada is engaged in container sales, modifications & repair which serve the needs of both domestic & international users alike.

Products are one part of our answers. The most important part comes from our people, who support you with diversified systems and services second to none.

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